Our Story

MARIAM EM was founded with the intention to create holistic beauty essentials that naturally nourish your body and skin. Our pampering collection of products features simple formulas for inspiring beautiful daily rituals and infusing your everyday care with an element of spa-like luxury.

The story of our brand begins with our founder, a passionate and creative lover of all things beauty. After many years of exploring the latest skincare and wellness trends, she found herself returning to an overlooked ingredient from her culture and realized the potential for developing her own products. 

After successfully crafting her first formula, and partnering with an expert - a PhD certified Organic (Green) Chemist - to perfect the process, MARIAM EM was born. 

Drawing from her experience, MARIAM EM, is a return to minimalistic practices, and pure, raw ingredients. The brand’s signature ingredient are the leaves and extracts of Ziziphus Spina-Christi - more commonly known as Sidr tree – which has been used in ancient medicinal remedies and beauty treatments for centuries in the Arab region.

Our initial collection focuses on the fundamentals of daily care with our proprietary range of face, body and hair care products. However, we have exciting plans to bring you even more wellness items in the near future, including luxury bath salts, oils, candles, diffusers, and much, much more!

We cannot wait to accompany you on your beauty journey and treat you to many beautiful experiences. 

Welcome to the world of MARIAM EM!